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Desi Jargon: 7 Common Mistakes We Make in English

1) Mispronouncing the word GENUINE

It isn’t jeen-yun and jen-yun or even jen-win.

2) Using the word CONVENIENCE

The word convenience has become a big part of our desi jargon list. It is interchangeable for; commute or means of transport/type of vehicle etc in Pakistan. Although widely accepted here, it won’t make much sense internationally and in a broader sense, it isn’t even correct English.

3) It’s mean or it’s means

The correct term is IT MEANS.

4) Repeat Again

If you are using the word REPEAT in a sentence, you don’t have to use the word AGAIN for the same context.

5) Little Little OR More More

LITTLE LITTLE cannot be used in a sentence. Using LITTLE once is enough. Also, unless you want to sound poetic, or quite honestly archaic, please try not using MORE AND MORE, and of course there is no room for MORE MORE at all.

6) Mispronouncing WEDNESDAY

Basically, it is WENZ-DAY and not WED-NUS-DAY.

7) EX-presso

There is no imaginary/silent X. Just say ESS-PRESSO, please.

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