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Designer Amir Adnan recovers from COVID-19

Pakistan’s fashion designer Amir Adnan was recently tested positive for Covid but now he has recovered.
After recovery, he shares in detail how he fought against the coronavirus successfully.
“Do everything to keep yourself healthy. Do not let the virus get the better of you due to lethargy or neglect, I feel it is very important to do the following. Totally based on firsthand experience. As soon as you detect any of the COVID symptoms, please isolate immediately and get tested. I took steam for 10 minutes followed with salt and hot water gargle six times a day. Drank hot green tea with [turmeric], ginger and honey at least 12 to 16 cups a day. Had 2.5 litres of water. [Took] Lit-C, 1000 CC twice daily, Surbex Z religiously every day”.
“I had good meals with eggs and a lot of meat. Two cups of yakhni”, he added.

He also revealed that he “exercised and did deep breathing every day. Counted breaths per minute every two hours (should be between 12 to 20). Checked oxygen absorption as well. Kept a very positive mind and worked out of my room regularly.”

Sharing his experience while being in quarantine, he said, I stayed in one room for 21 days but washed clothes, made the room, cleaned bathroom and washed dishes, and disinfected the area every day. This kept the virus contained in one room and protected others. Food was left outside my door and nothing left my room once it had entered.”

“All this kept me busy and active. Which is necessary to fight this virus”, he added.

He added, “Remember there is no medicine except your own immune system. So do everything to keep yourself healthy. Do not let the virus get the better of you due to lethargy or neglect. I know many people who did not take this seriously and ended up with complications and medical aid is not available anymore. So please be alert and be quick in reacting positively as soon as you detect any symptom”, concluded Amir Adnan

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