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Diamond Group has set a new precedent on how to run a massive group of Industries

Diamond is a household name quite literally, as they are the makers of one of the best mattresses in Pakistan that money can buy. As a pioneer in Pakistan since 1974, Diamond Foam was quick to establish itself as the most reputable brand in the country, with international presence in the U.A.E and Egypt as well.
Not only has Diamond taken over the foam mattress industry in the country, it is also a leading brand name in tyre manufacturing, having one of the largest tyre brands in the country under their ambit, Diamond Tyres, making it a leading name in the Auto industry as well.

Amid this pandemic many companies have either shut down operations until further notice, gone bankrupt, or at the very least, had to lay off a lot of their workforce to get through this difficult time. The economic chaos has put so many out of a job. Despite the economic struggle that everyone is going through, many companies have tried their best to retain their employees and their livelihoods at the risk of bankruptcy, but have failed to do so.

Diamond Group of Industries though, has surpassed all odds. With such a massive operation that provides livelihood to thousands of employees, Diamond Group has taken it upon themselves as their responsibility to sustain their company to ensure the economic stability of all the employees that have stuck by them in good times and bad.

To them, the employees are just as valuable as the customers, therefore they have managed to retain their entire workforce while still maintaining their salaries as before, with no pay-cuts, which we can all understand, is no small achievement.

In times like these, to treat your employees like family is of the utmost importance. With people struggling to make ends meet, Diamond Group has set a new precedent on how to run a massive group of Industries like theirs successfully through this crunch

More companies should follow in their footsteps and try everything possible to prevent laying off their employees during this economic crunch. By doing this we will be ensuring the steady recovery of the economy beyond this crisis.

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