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Things are heating up between Ali Gul Pir and McDonald’s!

Amidst all the big news of Nawaz Sharif being granted bail and Careem being acquired by Uber, Pakistani Twitter community has totally surprised us with an amusing trend of #AndayWalaBurger today.

The trend emerged after the internet sensation Ali Gul Pir went live this afternoon with all rage challenging the famous food chain McDonald’s to serve him with Anday wala burger if he brings enough “Support” from his internet fans and followers.

Shocked? We don’t blame you. However, his fans didn’t leave him alone. They totally backed him after he took up this pledge to pester Mcdonald’s to bring Anday wala burger or treat his fans with 1000 Big Mac 😀

This all happened when over the weekend Ali Gul Pir did the famous prank of asking top fast food chains, fine dining restaurants and some other famous places of  Mujhe Anday wala burger. McDonald’s in a light-hearted responded back to the prank and challenged Ali Gul Pir to see if he can garner maximum people to get his favorite Anday wala Burger.

And here’s what McDonald’s had to say in response to Ali’s tweet:

We’re not sure if the Community Manager made a mistake or not, but it sure got intense because Ali Gul Pir took it very seriously. He made a LIVE video about it and sent a message to McDonald’s saying that he NEEDS an Anday Wala burger from them now. Watch it here:

So either McDonald’s actually comes up with an ‘Andaywala Burger’ or they settle by giving a 1000 meal vouchers to Ali.

Following the live video from Ali Gul Pir #AndayWalaBurger started trending. Things got a little too spicy as Twitteratti joined in and literally started a troll fest.

We have no idea what is happening but we think there’s more to come.  Hashtag #AndayWalaBurger is still trending on Twitter. Go check it here: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23AndayWalaBurger&src=tyah

Stay tuned to FHM Pakistan for more updates!

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