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Do Celebrities Have It Easier During The Coronavirus Pandemic Than Regular People?

There have been tons of news stories and firsthand accounts of people struggling to get tested for coronavirus this past month. How did the entire Utah Jazz basketball team manage to get tested for the virus after their direct contact with player Rudy Gobert? It certainly seems like celebrities and people with money have access to more resources than the average person experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

There were 58 people associated with the Utah Jazz basketball team that was tested for the virus. Their tests came after Gobert jokingly touched all of the microphones in the press room and the player’s items in the lockerroom. Four members of the Brooklyn Nets also tested positive and were able to receive these tests rather quickly.

It raised a burning question about access to healthcare for the average everyday working person as compared to a celebrity or a political figure.

Actor Idris Elba was even able to get tested after having no symptoms. His results came back positive, raising many questions for people who have been waiting to get tested.

It was revealed on Facebook that singer Celine Dion had been tested for coronavirus after having the symptoms of a common cold. Her results ultimately came back negative. She postponed several of her remaining tour dates in March. Kris Jenner also recently tested negative after having no symptoms. She had been at a party a few weeks back with someone who tested positive.

This sparked a debate in the comment section about how it seems like you are more likely to get tested if you have money or high celebrity status. One comment read “If you’re not a millionaire like Kevin Durant Charles Barkley Tom Hanks Rita Wilson you ain’t getting tested.”

With the numbers rising globally people are hoping to get access to easier testing than they have been so far. Let’s see where this debate leads us.

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