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Do you know about your rights when signing ‘Nikkah Nama’?

The nikkah nama is a written document that two Muslim partners entering into a civil union must put their signature on in order to legalise their marriage. Under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961, it is the legal evidence of said union and lays out the rights and obligations agreed upon the by the bride and groom.

Multiple women do not exactly know what they are signing in the name of marriage. Often they end up with no rights even when they have many according to the nikkah nama.

There are special clauses that make sure the rights of women are secure.

Clause 17 asks the parties to list down any special conditions they may have, as long as they don’t go against Shariah law and the law of the land, from monthly maintenance, whether the woman will continue working after marriage or even a breakdown of household chores.

Clauses 18-19 accommodate right to divorce, the first of which asks whether the husband would like to delegate the right to divorce to his wife and the latter asks if the husband’s right to divorce has been curtailed in any way.

Clause 20-21 include restriction on the man’s right to contract further marriages while still married to his first wife.

Women should be knowing what they are abiding by. Be aware girls!

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