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Doctor in Sialkot leaves a towel in the patients body during surgery!

The only people we trust when extremely ill are our doctors. They help us live a little more in this world. However, in many countries, this is taken as a money-making business and they use this profession to charge an arm and a leg to the patients. Many times, it is observed that nurses and doctors give us the wrong medicine or mix it up with other patients which can be fatal as well.

A recent event in Sialkot where a doctor left a towel in the patient’s stomach during an appendix operation and after seven months the truth was revealed due to immense pain. The patient was a 50-year-old man who contacted the hospital again for the help and even after conducting several tests they could not judge what the issue was. Until a computed tomography (CT) scan revealed that a towel was left inside the patient’s stomach!

The profession of doctors is risky and holds a lot of responsibility as well. How can one just leave the towel inside the stomach of the patient and not notice while applying the stitches? This is extremely irresponsible behaviour on their part, might it had been something tiny then it could be labelled as a genuine mistake and such mishaps do happen around the world. But leaving a towel inside the stomach is really no mistake and more caution and care should be taken by doctors during surgeries.


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