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Ellen DeGeneres: Delightful or Awful?

We can all relate to having a toxic work environment. Nobody can claim to have never worked with a team that didn’t make them want to set fire to their cubicles. Although we may have left those days behind us, we understand how difficult it is to pull through gracefully when your work environment is littered it negative energy and toxic people.

Recently Ellen DeGeneres received a truckload of criticism on the kind of work environment she harbors on the sets of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has prompted DeGeneres to apologize to staff. Warner Media has decided to launch an ongoing internal investigation, and people are speculating that DeGeneres could be replaced on her own talk show.

Many celebrities came forward making sweeping statements about the popular TV host’s behavior with her staff, on set.

Brad Garrett came forward claiming that the mistreatment inflicted onto others by Ellen was common knowledge.

“Sorry but it comes from the top @TheEllenShow. Know more than one who were treated horribly by her. Common knowledge.”

Lea Thompson agreed in a brief but clear statement, stating “True story. it is.”




Many celebrities stood up for Ellen DeGeneres in response to what was being said about her.

Namely Dane Keaton, Scooter Braun, Katy Perry, Portia DeRossi among various others.
















What people need to realize is that nobody is perfect and a workplace like this consists of many different kinds of people. The same way we respond to other people’s behavior, we need to give the same kind of liberty to others to do so. Of course, ideally, nobody should be treating anyone that way, but one person shouldn’t be bashed for doing something everyone does. This could lead to a woman, who has been voyaging for acceptance of the LGBT+ community, to lose her platform and that would be a real shame!

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