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foodpanda riders showed us that humanity still exists

Karachiites are always waiting for the yearly monsoon season that we all enjoy in July & August, but this time around the season turned from a joyous one to that which turned the city from the “City of Lights” to the “City of Water”. The city turned into a chaos with flood, load shedding, life taking events and what not. But even in the toughest situations came a moment that brough a smile to everyone’s face and that were videosthat went viral where riders of foodpanda helped a woman and a van driver cross the road that was flooded with a strong current of running water. 

These foodpanda riders don’t only bring a smile to our faces with their timely food deliveries but by also helping those in need when comes a time of drastic measures.   

A woman caught the attention of the riders while she was trying to cross the flooded road in North Nazimabad. Without any thought of what awaited their humane efforts, these foodpanda riders approached the lady and helped her cross the road with ease.  

In fact, the riders claimed that their bags and bikes were also drenched in the flooded water but that didn’t stop them from their philanthropic act. Not only this but the riders also helped a van driver push his vehicle in the flood amidst the strong current. 

Both videos went viral all across social media with over thousands of shares. Here are the videos:

Upon this, as a gesture of thanks and gratitude, foodpanda Pakistan invited all riders involved to their Headquarters. They all were greatly appreciated for their act and awarded with certificates & gifts hampers as well. 

With this act of gratitude and kindness, foodpanda hopes to bring out the brighter side of Karachi and Pakistan, spreading awareness of not compromising when it comes to the safety of those in need. 

As we’ve been hearing since the start of 2020, “Not all heroes wear capes”, and so we come by the same sight once again with these true gentlemen.

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