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Gigi Hadid turns her office into daughter Khai’s playroom

American model Gigi Hadid fascinates her fans as she recently gave them sneak peek inside her newborn’s playroom in series of never-before-seen photos from her pregnancy.


The new mom uploaded some unseen photos on her Instagram account from her pregnancy to get praised from her fans.


The super model turned part of her office into a play area for her and Zayn Malik’s daughter Khai.

One of the photos shows that the 25-year-old American model has turned half of her office into a play area for her four-month-old baby girl, showing a tent filled to the top with stuffed animals and toys.


Zayn Malik’s beloved wife also uploaded some unseen photos from her pregnancy to delight her admirers. The post bring in massive likes from her followers. But we are still desperately waiting for Gigi Hadid to share the picture of her baby girl’s face.

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