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Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan pair up for a video that will let you enjoy the extreme sarcasm.

A page on Facebook named ‘’Teeli’’ which is known for making comedy videos, released a video titled as ‘My Jehaiz Unboxing’ five days ago which is full of witty remarks and sarcasm. They casted the ‘Heer Maan Ja’ couple that is, Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan.

At first, the content of the video seems funny but gradually you realize to what it pinpoints. Hareem Farooq enacts a girl coming from a mediocre family whose family struggles to make her dowry, while Ali Rehman belongs to a family where jehaiz matters the most. Especially its quantity.

It points out to the deep-rooted false masculinity perceptions, to be a strong husband, you have the right to humiliate your wife.  As a society, we have grown into the wrong concepts that a daughter alone isn’t enough to fulfill the desires of a man or more importantly his family. Less is the so-called “superior” – because ‘larkay waly’, concerned with a girl than with the things a girl brings because that will make them from sleeping on the floor to sleep on comfy beds.

Asking from ‘her’ parents little things like a …car, indebting them won’t hurt their fragile egos but letting her get an honorable job would hurt them so badly.

The video continues to the point, where Ali Rehman mocks Hareem Farooq because she thought a good educational background would let her achieve her dreams – but no, she isn’t allowed to dream big because she is married. It even points the much-neglected factor how she covers up her shattered heart with a smile because she is a girl, she isn’t allowed to complain.

To sum up, I would say that this explains much about what’s wrong with our society, and we are the ones who try to live up to these sick mentalities. And we need to change this. First from our homes and then teaching this to our sons how to hold someone’s daughter in high regard because that is the biggest treasure a person can give.

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