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Humaima Malik becomes the victim of cyber bullying
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Humaima Malik becomes the victim of cyber bullying

Cyber bullying and web trolling has claimed several victims, be it through suicides or through self esteem and depression issues that last a lifetime. Cyber bullying, on the other hand, involves harassing someone consistently and repeatedly by passing hostile, judgmental, horrid and sometimes even threatening messages on the victim’s social media activities.

Sadly, we live in a culture of digital cruelty that no one is immune to. Whether you are a celebrity, the child of a sports figure or an average person trying to get through life — you can be struck down by the emotional keystrokes of cyber-bullets.

, who not only is a renowned Pakistani actor with manifold noteworthy projects under her belt but also an ambassador of peace and feminism,  also have some bullies of her own.

“Yes, its true – I have been facing cyber bullying since the past four months. Not talking about these issues would someday completely silence the voice of the harassed. It’s about time we all stand up and battle out these forms of violence,” shared Humaima.

“I’ve been receiving threats for months now and it’s time that such harassers get called out openly in public. They shouldn’t be masked and we can’t let these noxious villains get away with harassment.”

She plans to break this silence on the 17th of November, at her visit to Kinnaird College for Women University, Lahore. ‘I have been receiving threats for the past 4 months and it’s time that such harassers get called out openly in public!’ says the actress who has been in the industry for seventeen years now.

“The experience has been mentally tormenting. These cyberbullies have gone to an extent of disrupting my personal everyday-life activities – casting sleazy innuendoes whenever, wherever given a chance. There has to be an end to this torture.”

Humaima also mentioned that she would be publicly speaking on these issues as she believes in the artist’s responsibility of bringing about the change needed in contemporary times. “If we don’t stand up now, then who will? Being a human, I’m aware of my responsibilities to myself, to my society and industry as an artist, and to my family as a daughter. I will not stay silent anymore!” reasoned Humaima on the issue.

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