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Iron Man returns: Marvel hints at who will carry forward Tony Stark’s legacy

Fans have been desperately wondering who will carry forward the Iron mantel after the iron man has shown his character in the Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel dropped a massive hint as to who will be replacing Iron Man through new cover art.

The cover features Daredevil donning the Iron Man helmet with the cover changed to crimson red and a pair of devil horns above it.

While Marvel is yet to give an affirmation about whether the Man without Fear is carrying forward Stark’s torch, fans have been elated and are keeping their fingers crossed

On the other hand, fans have been coming up with theories about how Stark can return similar to how Marvel brought back Loki and Gamora from a different timeline back in Endgame.

The issue will be dropping in June later this year which will answer all questions about the replacement.

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