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It’s okay if all you did today was breathe!

Have you had those days when you are unable to do anything and it feels like you are worthless? Even a simple task seems burdensome and it feels like all you can do today is breathe!

Life and everyone around is so demanding that we are unable to focus on our thoughts and they keep piling up like those thick books on a neverending bookshelf. Then one fine day, it all comes back and those thoughts do not leave the boundaries of the brain, not even for a second! But there is still so much to do so you keep on getting through the day and never really end up finishing a task. The feelings that come across the whole day are full of disappointment, worthlessness and depression.

For me, these days mean I wake up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’. Anything and everything seems to be getting in my way and nothing makes me happy. The smile on my face is replaced with a frown and gloominess. It feels like my body has given up and emotionally drained out and no energy to kick start my day. I am generally full of positive energy and with a smile on my face, but such gloomy days are difficult to get through.

Over time I have realised the key to happiness is to communicate! Communicate to your family, friends, and partner about how you feel and what is it that bothers you. The person on the other side has no telepathic connection to understand how you feel unless you speak up about it. This way it makes it easier to forget and forgive.

Also, it’s better to pause and take a breather. It is better to accept that you are having a bad day and work around it instead of ignoring it. Start off your day with a quick ten-minute exercise to give some quality time to yourself and let that frustration out. It is also said that exercising early in the morning is the best way to start your day.

The best solution is to write it all down. Even therapists emphasise on writing down your thoughts and I tell you it works wonders! When you start writing you will want to pen down each and every detail and you will be surprised by yourself with the satisfaction it gives you. If you ever want to rant without any opinions thrown your way, consider writing it down!

Sometimes you just don’t have anything lingering in your head to worry about but nothing goes as planned. Learn to pause and reflect on these days. Appreciate your family, friends and others around you. Count your blessings and see where have you landed in comparison to the past. Learn to love yourself a little more each day so you can give the same to others around you.

Once in a while, it is okay if all you did was breathe!

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