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JDC has finally set up Pakistan’s first free private COVID hospital

As we all know this pandemic has hit the entire world pretty hard and every country has been dealing with it as best as they can. First world countries, with all their resources, have been coping far better than any third world country could hope for.

Pakistan being a third world country has had a pretty rough time dealing with this COVID19 crisis. Most of the efforts made towards fighting this pandemic have been made by welfare organizations that have worked day and night to help the country keep its head above water.


JDC Welfare Organization is one that has become a household name since Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away and people started looking up to them to help where needed.

JDC, with complete transparency, has reached out all over to provide sanitary and basic essentials, clothing & food by generating funds and resources and distributing these necessities to the needy.

After working themselves to the bone in their fight against COVID19, JDC has finally set up Pakistan’s first free private COVID hospital. This leap forward has shown us how JDC hasn’t faltered for even a moment in their battle against this fatal virus.

The “Son of Karachi’, Zafar Abbas who is the General Secretary at the JDC, in the name of public interest has worked tirelessly for the relief of the common man. His forethought, philosophy and bold implementation have piloted JDC to the peak of welfare work in the country.

As far as the services being provided at the JDC hospital go, they are all free of cost. The services include isolation wards, COVID testing, ventilators for critical patients. In addition to everything that they have fought for, the JDC was one of the first teams on site when PK-8303 crashed.

It’s safe to say that the JDC has performed beyond anyone’s expectations, maybe even their own, their industry, tireless efforts and devotion towards welfare has built their name up in Pakistan as one of the top welfare teams.

Great job JDC! Keep up the noble work!

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