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Justice for Faisal Mugheri!

A young man living in the city of Karachi, Faisal Khan Mugheri was beloved by all his friends and acquaintances. His zest for life was infectious and his friends adored him for it. In a deeply devastating turn of events, Faisal passed away over a week ago of causes that are yet to be determined.

His family claims he died of natural causes (heart attack), however evidence of messages and phone calls made to his friends a few days prior to his passing, have led his friends to believe that a more sinister ploy is afoot. Sources revealed to FHM Pakistan that Faisal had sent messages to his friends a few days before he passed away stating that his life was in danger, (ta the hands of people that are close to him i.e. his family) and that if something happens to him, they must conduct an autopsy, to determine how he died.

The family of the deceased has refused to comply with his final wish, and buried him in their local graveyard, without a post mortem, which has led his close friends and acquaintances to believe that their friend was right and that the family had something to do with his death. His friends, well aware of the fact that the accusation of murder is a serious one, have merely asked for an impartial autopsy, which, if the family had nothing to do with his death, they should not have a problem with.

the family of the deceased is now trying to portray that Faisal’s friends are creating an issue out of this for social and political reasons, which doesn’t seem to be the case, as per our sources.

The hashtag #JusticeForFaisalMugheri has been trending on twitter as of late and based on valid evidence and information his friends have filed a petition with the IG Sindh Police and Sindh High Court demanding disinterment, exhumation and post mortem of the deceased.

Many well knock tribal personalities like Sardarzada Zubair Jakhrani and Jaffar Magsi have consistently been rallying for justice for their deceased friend and the injustice done against him. Meanwhile, billboards and posters demanding #JusticeForFaisalMugheri have been ripped and torn down all over Jacobabad City by unknowns.


the PM’s nephew tweeted about the incident supporting the cause!

Faisal’s friends continue to rally forth fighting to seek justice for their friend who they deem “a gem of a man” and “purehearted”, stating that if there is anyone who deserves justice, it is their friend and brother.

we have seen such cases before, where the family does not care to seek justice and friends of the deceased, fight and rally for it. The Shahzeb Khan case so vividly embedded into our memories should be one we take note from and raise our voice, for it was the roaring noise made by his beloved friends that got him justice and put Shahrukh Jatoi behind bars.

Raise your voice, #JusticeForFaisalMugheri!


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