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Kashmir in crises – India needs to stop now!


The Kashmir issue dates back to 1947. It is since then, that Pakistan and India are locked up in a dispute over Kashmir.

The fact cannot be denied that India in the past years had caused mass murder killings. India had always been the one that tried to initiate war. Pakistan, on the contrary, has sought matters legally and preferred having peaceful talks.

The tension mounts as India has attempted to attack Muslims of Kashmir once again during the past few days. They are once again victimized by Indian troops and are seeking clemency.

With the beginning of August, schools and colleges were shut in Kashmir, tourists were asked to flee from the valley, telephone and internet services were suspended, regional political leaders were isolated to their houses and clustered bombs were thrown across the LoC that resulted in so many killings.

Apart from this, Muslims of Kashmir are brutally beaten up by the Indian army on a daily basis. Some lost their legs, while many of them lost their eyes, others are left alone as their families have been blown up and whatnot. One main motive behind this genocide is that India wants to change the demography of the Muslim dominated region and wants to gain control over it.

However, Pakistan will never let that happen and will always stand for Kashmiris. Negotiations for peace are still in progress, Pakistan has reached out to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the UN, that have shown solidarity with the Indian occupied Kashmir.

It is also heard that the people who have voted for Indian party in the last elections held in Kashmir do not support India anymore. They also want freedom and peace which India wants to deteriorate.

Many renowned Pakistani celebrities have also come forward in support of Pakistan. Mahira Khan said, ‘’Heaven is burning, and we silently weep’’. Hamza Ali Abbasi, a social activist, and an actor urged all the Pakistanis to raise their voice for Kashmir. Armeena Rana Khan also appealed everyone to take a stand against this crime and support Kashmir.

Similarly, many other celebrities have condemned the Indian act and tweeted with the hashtag #Istandwithkashmir.

India has further warned to launch the biggest genocide in the History of Mankind and has imposed a curfew for an indefinite period in the IoK. Hope the situation settles down and peace retrieves again.

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