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Lipton’s new digital film reminds us to build quality connections during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Events are canceled, schools are closed, tourism is shut down, and the list goes on. That’s right; the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live our lives. The situation is understandably weird right now; routines have been disrupted, but that doesn’t mean things will get worse. This extra time at home might be the perfect start at building up a strong connection with our loved ones. In a recently launched digital film by Lipton titled ‘Jagao Umeed Sath Reh Ker,’ the brand captures the true essence of everlasting connections and love by bringing people together in this unprecedented time.

Maybe things aren’t good today, but the hope for a better tomorrow is still alive. It exhibits relatable situations that how quarantine has developed a feeling in people of being lost. However, with their loved ones by their side, the hope for a better tomorrow will stay afloat. It sheds light on the importance of staying at home with people who matter the most. The quarantine is the best time to make quality connections and develop a strong bond we haven’t made before. 

The idea of weaving threads of hope in this challenging time is well depicted in a series of candid moments by influencers, art & craft mothers, kitchen wiz fathers making a feast in the kitchen, people chatting with friends; singing, narrating stories, and clicking precious family moments. The presence of people across all age groups and the ones who are staying at home to keep everyone safe is also significant and is executed brilliantly as the people themselves shot the maximum footage. The campaign manages to put its points across well and is accompanied by moments that are delightful to watch but extremely relatable at the same time. 

It feels like a confusing time, but we won’t let COVID-19 bring us down. While at home, having routines is still important and comforting! The pandemic has sprung unexpectedly, but the digital film brings alive the positioning of the brand as a beverage that stands loyal with consumers in good and tough times. As the world goes through this difficult time, let’s emerge stronger and closer into a better tomorrow! 

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