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#MamtaEkJazba – A Twist In The Tale

Talking about mother’s day you realize that it has become a cliché, where we are now used to advertisement related to young women, who are working at home or the office and how we should appreciate their efforts. McDonald’s this year went through the same protocol but there was a twist to the tail that lit up our hearts. “Wohi larahi hoon”, when you hear these words in the video you anticipate a child making food requests, but to our delight it’s actually not a child on the line. A mother is a symbol of strength that keeps the family together. She’s your guide, your tutor, your chef, you chauffeur and many more things, yet she never expects anything in return. She has probably the toughest job but you’ll never see her complain.

The advertisement starts with a women getting ready for work, and right before leaving, peeks into a room and smiles. Then she’s shown to be at work all day receiving many calls from home that she misses due to work. As she enters home she asks the caretaker how she’s been to which she replies that she’s fine but keeps asking about you. The change in the plot occurs once she opens the door to show us not a child but her aged mother waiting for her daughter to return, the daughter when enters indicates to her mother that sometimes she acts just like a child.

That concept brings tear to your eyes, as you dwell on that fact that mothers eventually need you to take care of them once they’re done taken care of you. McDonald’s focuses on the fact that it’s time to payback our mothers, for all that they have done for us. They’ve done their part in shedding light on what we need to do. Now it’s your turn to give back to your mother, for all that she has done for you, as well as all that she had intended to do.

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