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Meet Salam Maftoon – Afghanistan’s ‘Justin Trudeau’

Fans of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau from all over the world are surprised to see his look-alike in Afghanistan.

Salam Maftoon, whose fans and followers call him ‘Salam Trudeau’ and ‘Afghan Trudeau’, appeared on a popular Afghan talent contest TV show, ‘Afghan Star’, earlier this week.

Mattoon’s sheer resemblance to the Canadian PM has amazed the people across the world with his pictures going viral on the internet.

Social media users shared that they are not sure whether “Justin Trudeau is from Afghanistan or Salam Maftoon is from Canada,” while others have said that Afghanistan is home to several look-alikes of famous individuals.

Salam Maftoon is a local traditional singer from northeastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan and is the student of folkloric signer Mir Maftoon of Badakhshan.

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