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Police say Ali Salman Alvi’s wife left a suicide note

Following the death of the wife of Pakistani journalist Ali Salman Alvi, serious allegations rose against the journalist. There were accusations of domestic abuse and how that led to the death of Sadaf Zahra Naqvi.

As #JusticeForZahra took over Pakistani Twitter, police tweeted out how they were on the case. At the time, law enforcement authorities had already arrested Ali Salman Alvi on June 29th when he was named a suspect in the FIR registered regarding the death of his wife.


The case however has now taken a new turn, as journalist Mubashir Zaidi reveals that the police claim to have a suicide letter of Sadaf.


Previously concerns said that the case would be sabotaged due to Ali Salman Alvi’s influence, or the death would be painted as a suicide.



This is still confusing as to what actually happened that day. There might be a reason that the suicide note was written by his husband after murdering her just to keep him safe. Then again, we can only assume what might have happened even if she did commit suicide we just can’t imagine the pain she must be going through. Still it’s hard to believe that she would do such a thing, it clearly shows that even police is doing that just to save Ali Salman.

Do let us know what do you think about all this?

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