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Prime Minister Imran Khan didn’t wear designer suit on US trip, here’s why!

Prime Minister Imran Khan was seen in shalwar kameez with a waistcoat and chapal. Even though everyone on social media admired him for this act but also left us in curiosity. According to PTI leader Sayed Zulfi Bukhari, the dresses Khan wore to the recent international trip were all local made and not designers. 

“The PM has never been interested in designers or worn them. Especially for his simple shalwar kameez. The First Lady bought all the cloth and got it stitched from a simple local tailor. Which ever designer is trying to claim credit for it is not only a liar but a cheat.” he tweeted.


And of course the main reason was to save public money worth over Rs100 million, as he took commercial flights for the US trip and scrapped practices of former premiers of engaging at least two long-haul jets.

Couldn’t be more proud of our PM! 


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