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Qarshi’s anthem “Rahay Salamat Pakistan” is all we need to stay united and fight this global pandemic

One of Pakistan’s leading and largest natural products manufacturers – Qarshi released their official anthem RahaySalamat Pakistan” on Pakistan Day (23rd March), depicting the message of unity and emphasizing the importance of ‘Dua’ for our beloved land, Pakistan. The anthem shed light on the great sacrifices given to get where we are today, and who we are today, further keeping in view the current global pandemic from which the entire world is suffering at the moment.

Itni mehnat se mila hai Pakistan!’

With the exhaustion and tough time that the global virus (COVID-19) has led us to, the anthem couldn’t have been released at a better time than this. With hundreds of personnel risking their life to save the lives of those effected, thousands of labourers starving due to the lockdown, and businesses under stress of loss – someone had to enlighten a spark of energy among us and Qarshi did just that.  It provoked the sense of unity and empowered us to belief that we could fight and end this pandemic together.

The poetry of the anthem simply touches every soul to the core. It elaborates and defines the strength we possess once united for a progressive Pakistan; and that develops the thought to contribute in every possible way for this greater cause at hand.

The anthem was not only a viral stream amongst the general public, but celebrities also promoted the message on their social media accounts for all the right reasons! Here are a few celebs who took pride in standing united for the anthem:

Aijazz Aslam

Ayesha Omar


Waseem Badami

Wasim Akram

in fact, the anthem was not only restricted to celebrities but social media influencers like Junaid Akram, Faiza Saleem & Moomal Asif also participated in it.

Junaid Akram

Moomal Asif

Faiza Saleem

With an overwhelming response from Pakistanis across the world, the anthem was shared by more than 100 bloggers, influencers and celebrities, making Rahay Salamat Pakistan” trend amongst the top3 hashtags on social media, with over 3500 tweets and that’s not all. The video got 2.6 million views on Facebook and over 150K views on Instagram, clearly depicting of how we all stand together in unity amidst the pandemic, for the sake of our country’s well-being.

So, let us fight together until this virus strikes an end; stay safe and stay home because at the end of the day it is we, the people,that make Pakistan! #RahaySalamatPakistan #PakistanZindabad

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