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Recent rain in Sindh has proved to be beneficial for people of Thar!

The rain has been disastrous for most of Sindh where floods ravaged houses and districts. The only benefit from this rain was for people of Tharparkar.

The residents in Tharparkar were able to cultivate traditional crops like melon, watermelon, sesame, wild fruits etc. This gave them an opportunity to sell these in the makeshift fruit markets. While the rest of Sindh was stuck in their houses due to urban flooding, the residents of Tharparkar were able to earn money and were able to support their families.

Farmers now fetch for fruits in different areas of Thar and the same fruits will then be brought to big cities. The best part of this weather was that the farmers did not have to use pesticides or fertilisers which did not add to their cost and has been beneficial for them.

The farmers also mentioned the advantages of the construction of roads which has helped with the tourists coming in hilly areas of Tharparkar. This has become a lucrative business for the past few years and the per acre yield during heavy rains like this year and in 2019 is always beyond any estimate they can make.

With this rain being disastrous for many it has been fruitful for Thar dessert just like a blessing in disguise!

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