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Seed infused bags by Sapphire, earn a huge public appreciation.

One of the largest clothing brands “Sapphire’’ has started a great initiative towards a greener Pakistan. The rapidly growing environmental pollution is among the major key issues that our country is currently facing. Therefore, these biodegradable bags are a good way to fight pollution.

The creative idea that Sapphire has put forward is receiving a massive appreciation. Besides selling the best quality clothes, now people are loving their seed infused bags. At this time, when the forests of our country are depleting and a good healthy environment is lacking, we need to plant more and more trees.

Till now, Pakistan is using plastic bags which are a great threat to our environment. They not only block drains but also pose a threat to marine life. On the contrary, even if you will dump these seed infused bags anywhere, they will not cause any damage to the environment but will result in green trees.

Moreover, the eco-friendly seed bags are made from recycled cotton waste that is sourced from the textile industry. They are a mixture of seeds: amaranth, marigold, and China Asther. The reason why they have chosen these plants is that they can grow in variable climates and are resilient.

Other brands must also join hands with Sapphire to build a safer environment.

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