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TikTok: People Need to Ease Up on the VIOLENCE!

In yet another appalling occurrence, a Karachi based security guard lost his life while attempting to make a video for TikTok on Saturday.

The incident took place in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, where a security personnel accidentally shot himself dead while trying to make a TikTok video which involved, him pointing a pistol to his head.

In another incident, a girl allegedly set her house ablaze after elders forbade her from making TikTok videos.

The girl has been arrested and is now in the women’s police stations in the area, as her father, Aziz Ahmed Khilji, filed a First Information Report against her.

This mind numbing TikTok craze has taken over an entire generation and is wielding alarming results. Young girls and boys making inappropriate content regarding dating and love, showcasing inappropriate videos of themselves and now this!

No, this doesn’t mean it needs to be banned!! But that our youth needs to be educated in what is a priority and what isn’t.

For all parents who whine about how their children don’t let go of their phones and use social media in inappropriate ways, you should’ve raised them better, honestly!

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