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Top 5 Pakoras to Enjoy this Monsoon Season

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a soft rhythmic drizzle or a loud thunderstorm, that single drop of water splashing on the ground makes every Pakistani crave for a large bowl of Pakoras! We bet there isn’t a single household in this country of ultimate foodies that hasn’t had a pakora party whenever it rains.

Here we give you some tasty crunchy treats to make your rainy day even more beautiful,

Piyaaz Pakora

The simplest of all! Mix some chickpea flour or besan in water, add finely cut onion, some salt and finally dip them in hot oil till they turn golden brown.

Palak Pakora

For this flavorsome snack, grate some spinach (Palak) and mix it with spices and salt. Make small ball shots; dip them in besan and water mixture. Finally deep fry them!

Cheese Pakora

The type of pakoras loved by both adults and kids! To enjoy these ever so delicious yet simple pakoras, all you need is to mix some cottage cheese in besan and water mixture. Then deep fry them as they turn golden.

Chicken Pakora

A crunchy treat to all the chicken lovers! All you need is chicken cubes and some basic spices to make this delicious snack. Serve them hot with chilli garlic sauce!

Aloo Pakora

These pakoras are very famous in Asian countries. Aloo pakoras are made by dipping thinly sliced potatoes in besan mixture. Deep fry them and serve with mint or red chilli chutney on a rainy day.

Snack on your favorite pakoras to make the most of this monsoon!

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