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When will this misogyny end?

We live in a world where patriarchy is embedded in the minds of the people, we ll find cases of people being misogynists in our daily life way more often then it should be. Recently. A restaurant in Krachi came up with a misogynist Azaadi deal which was criticized by individuals for a bit being extremely sexist and was ridiculed for it everywhere.

The restaurant, Zeytin, located In Karachi launched its Azaadi deal which said that whoever dines in at the restaurant without their wife gets a free meal.

I mean, I am disgusted! What kind of marketing technique is this where you’re promoting misogynist and sexist behavior? The specifically said that if men are brave enough to dine in without their wives, they would be offered a discount, if you ask me, very low and pathetic advertisement.

People everywhere are ridiculing them for such an advertisement, they said that the restaurant should come up with better marketing strategies instead of dragging women unnecessarily.

In a society like ours, where women have to fight for their rights, it is already so messed up and on top of that advertisements like this further, bring women down. The whole idea is to stop portraying women as they are wrong and men as the victims. It’s not true.


What are your thoughts on this?

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