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Why are Airpods useless??

Everything that looks fancy doesn’t benefit you the same way. I have been a crazy fan of apple products and always wanted to be the first person to get my hands on its latest products and so I did. I recently bought their air pods pro after I successfully managed to ruin my air pods 2 by dropping it multiple times on the ground and also in the water.  Shouldn’t it be waterproof if you are paying such a handsome amount on it? However, the crazy that I am… I again bought another pair!

I have been experiencing the same thing repeatedly; no doubt they are very easy to carry and comes in handy anytime anywhere there cons of these products outweighs its pros for me.

It’s easy to misplace, like it happened with me when I dropped one of my air pod someplace and couldn’t find it so have been using singularly for a long time till I got a latest version and managed to get one defected by dropping it once in water.

Everything has its cons and pros, I’m glad I could experience lots of its pros for a long time but I’m just disheartened at the amount of cons I am facing now. For instance, you have to charge the airpods and the case which comes with it too, as if one thing wasn’t enough. Also, if you lose one of them, damn finding it would definitely be a mission, you can’t easily trace them. To top it all off, forgetting your charging case at home and only having your airpods is completely useless. It may be handy, but to a certain extent, you can easily misplace it, I know I can.

There are a lot of people who are fascinated it by it, but after experiencing and using it for quite some time, it’s a big NO for me!!


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