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Writer of Meray Pass Tum Ho defends his ideas and ‘Philosophy’ through extremely controversial statements!

Khalilur Rehman Qamar has always been in the limelight for his bold statements and out of the box stories. He has never stepped back from his beliefs and has always been vocal and stern with his thoughts.

His recent drama serial  Meray Pass Tum Ho has won over the hearts of many with its unique and out of the box theme. Starring some of the best talent such as Humayun Saeeed and Ayza Khan the serial has become a great hit. Amid the great applause the drama has also faced criticism due to its bold and unethical story line.

In a recent interview the writer went on to defend his ideas and ‘Philosophy’ around how he sees society.

“It (Mere Pass Tum Ho) is a story of several men, not just one,” he said. “I have come across multiple married couples who go through the same ordeal. I’ve observed when a married woman cheats; she doesn’t feel ashamed at all. The reason behind her not feeling guilty is because she has been backed by another man. When an unmarried woman cheats, she feels guilty.”

He further said,

“But when a married man betrays his wife, he feels guilty. He feels embarrassed.”

Qamar continued,

Women should not criticise Mere Pass Tum Ho because women themselves have ridiculed men. “I’m only narrating this story in your [women’s] favour. Like it or not, I don’t call every woman a woman. To me, the only beautiful trait a woman can possess is her loyalty and her haya/modesty. If a woman isn’t loyal then she is not a woman. Register an FIR against me for if you don’t subscribe to my point of view but I won’t budge.”

Well that’s not it, he also said

“Get someone to try me under #MeToo, I won’t care about that either. But I won’t be able to call every woman a woman. That simply isn’t true for me.”

He concluded by saying, “A man cannot say no. He just can’t. A good woman can.”

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