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Zamzama: Water Tanker Destroys 5 Vehicles!

 An underage driver (actually the cleaner of the vehicle) destroyed five cars in Karachi’s Zamzama area while trying to drive a water tanker! Although no injuries were reported, this is an exhibit of the gross incompetence of our city workers.

Zamzama’s streets are pretty tight and for in inexperienced driver to try to drive a big ol’ water tanker through it, maneuvering through those teensy spots, seems close to impossible. Having said that, both the underage driver, and the appointed driver of the water tanker are responsible for this completely unnecessary damage to property, merely to teach a 17-year-old boy how to drive a water tanker, which he should not being doing anyway!

The appointed driver of the truck fled the scene of the crime while the underage driver who caused this horrific incident to occur, was caught by the residents of the area. They police and residents are now on the hunt for the appointed driver of the vehicle who stupidly thought that handing over such a large vehicle to a 17-year-old with no experience of operating it, in a residential street, was a winning idea!

Here’s hoping they find him and make him pay for his irresponsible and infuriating crime!

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