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10 of the most luxurious cafes in the world

Cafe generally is a good spot for a small meet and greet, people usually choose cafes because they are relatively cheaper than restaurants and also it is more convenient to have a talk around a cup of coffee, but like nearly everything else in the world, luxury versions of cafes exist. Many of the world’s most luxurious cafes exist in Asia and the Middle East. Several of the cafes scattered across the globe are designer cafes: not only are the locations themselves luxurious, but they’re backed by top designer brand names like Ralph Lauren and Gucci.Some people may not like going to luxury cafes and spending a lot of money; however, there are people who won’t spare their money for a good time at a luxury cafe.

Here are 10 most luxurious cafes in the world:

Ralph’s Coffee, New York

Vogue Cafe, Moscow

Bloomsbury Cafe, Dubai

Gucci, Tokyo

Oriole Cafe, Singapore

Antico Caffe Greco, Rome

Emporio Armani, Dubai

Caffe Gambrinus, Naples

Bulgari, Tokyo

Cafe La Paix, Paris

So, which one is your favorite?

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