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7 Netflix series you shouldn’t miss at any cost!

If I’m not wrong, Netflix is the greatest thing to have happened to us. I mean you don’t have to wait for your favorite season to come on air on television. When you just wan’t to switch off from reality, take a plunge into the world of fantasy and secure yourself some happiness. Here are some AHH-MAZINGG seasons on Netflix you shouldn’t miss, no matter what!!

1. Altered Carbon

The concept of the movie is that when you die, you discard your body, and carry your memories into a new one. So, what happens when a prisoner returns to life 250 years later, with a crucial murder mystery to unravel? Find out on Netflix.


2. Black Mirror

This series is set in a technologically driven future, only to show us the dark side of digital progress. Every episode will leave you awestruck.

3. Dark

Set in Winden, 2019, this sci-fi thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. This happens to be the first German series to be streamed on an international scale. A tragic family tale, a pinch of the supernatural, and a plethora of beautiful cinematography.


4. The End of the Fucking World

Based on Charles Forsman’s comic books, this show is steeped in strange darkness. It revolves around the perplexing lives of James and Alyssa- two teenagers who embark on the difficult adventure of finding the latter’s father. Most critics have hailed this as the quality of television we have been denied for too long.

5. Godless

Set in the 1880s, an ostracized gangster, Frank Griffin, is chasing ex-protégé Roy Goode. A series of events lead him to a town that is solely inhabited by women (YAY????) The music score is noteworthy and ups the show’s ante.

6. The People vs O.J. Simpson

This series is an American crime thriller which gives you an extensive view of the OJ Simpson trial. You are omnipresent as the trial unfolds to convict or defend the football legend accused of double homicide. The behind the scenes footages, brilliant acting, and realistic narrative, give you a series worth remembering.

7. Stranger Things

The narrative is set in a town where everybody knows each other. A group of friends- Lucas, Dustin, and Mike, discover (save) Eleven. This four-people group fall in and out of trouble throughout the series, and battle every obstacle like the bad ass heroes they are. This series will have you falling in love with the characters way more than the story, which too is undeniably beautiful.


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