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Why Aamir Khan gave his son Eidi of Rs 2?


There’s no doubt that Aamir Khan is one of the highest paid Actors of the country but he says he gave his son Azad Rao an Eidi of only Rs 2.

While interacting with the media on the occasion of Eid at his mother’s place.

When asked about what special plans he has today with wife Kiran Rao and their son, Aamir told reporters, “Kiran and Azad are not here, they have gone to Europe because school holidays are going on of Azad. I couldn’t go because of work.”

When asked how much Eidi he gave to his son, Aamir Khan replied: “No special Eidi for him. I give him only Rs 2. Zyada bigaadna nahi hai (I don’t want to spoil him).”


He further said: “On Eid, I meet my family and spend time with them. When I was a kid, I was interested in eidi more than Eid. But now I have to give Eidi.”

Aamir Khan you surely proved to be an amazing and very responsible father.

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