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ANABIA – Another new venture.



ANABIA is a drama serial going to be aired soon on ARY Digital, directed by Muhammad Iftikhar Iffi and written by Atif Ali.


It’s a story about a girl (neelum) who is so beautiful that her husband (Kamran Jeelani) suspects her all the time and becomes very insecure, He makes her life miserable with the help of his sister and mother.


ANABIA (neelum) has another sister (azeekah daniel) who has another tragic life. Both of the sisters go through different events in life and survive in the worst conditions with their dignity and strength.

This drama serial is a lesson for many women in our society.

Cast :
Neelum muneer, Azeeka Daniel, Kamran Jeelani, Syed Yorguc, Seemi pasha, Khalid Anum, Waseem Abbas, Hina Khan, Maham Nizami, Teepu Shah, Nirvaan Nadeem, Parveen Akbar and few more.


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