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Ariana grande brought out NSYNC at coachella

As if there wasn’t already enough buzz surrounding Ariana Grande while headlining Coachella this year. What’s bigger than Ariana Grande headlining Coachella, you might ask?

Simple. It’s Ariana Grande and NSYNC headlining Coachella together. Ariana Grande actually brought big names to the stage with a bunch of special guests during her set at coachella.

The boys minus Justin Timberlake joined Grande onstage to perform Tearing Up My Heart, and 90s kids’ hearts everywhere basically burst.

Seriously, people are losing their minds over this performance, and for good reason.

The time she took the stage, everyone was pretty much just waiting for the moment the members of NSYNC would reveal themselves. People are calling it most iconic music moment of the year.

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