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Back to Normal?

During quarantine, intimate weddings were the new cool. Different designers like Farah Talib Aziz and Zainab Chotanii held an intimate wedding to set an example for everyone out there. Zainab Chottani chose Falak Shabbir and Sarah Khan to celebrate their wedding on a small scale with friends and family!

Now, since the lockdown is over, people are back to keeping weddings on a large scale. In my opinion, these kinds of weddings are a waste of time and money and along with that, you get to hear criticism or negative comments from none other than your relatives or loved ones. Intimate weddings were different but a very unique, decent, and classy way of celebrating your wedding day.



Well, as of now, as seen people are already booking halls for their weddings, their call but I was extremely impressed and loved the lifestyle of Intimate weddings which quarantine got us. One thing which wasn’t bad about this lockdown at least!!




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