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“BONSEKI” Do you know what’s that? “Bonseki”


Karachi 29th of January 2015, at ball room Pearl Continental. The event was well attended & deeply appreciated by the media, socialites & art lovers of Karachi. Live “BONSEKI” demonstration & lecture was done by Mrs. Midori Inomata, wife of the Ambassador of Japan in Pakistan, this cultural event was co-organized by the Consulate General of Japan & Pearl Continental Karachi.

Mrs. Midori Inomata gave a live demonstration & lecture of the ancient Japanese art form of “BONSEKI” Mrs. Midori Inomata who has mastered this traditional Japanese art over the years, she has already performed in Lahore & Islamabad, & her performance in Karachi was her sixth one.


“BONSEKI” is a traditional Japanese art in which scenery & nature are portrayed in miniature by placing natural stones on black lacquer trays, with various size & amount of white sand used to add dimensions. “Bonseki” enjoyed great popularity in Japan during the Edo Era (1603-1867) “Bonseki” scenes often depict mountains, such as mount Fuji, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, seashores & gardens. Small stones are used to represent mountains, shore lines or rocky island that waves break upon.”Bonseki” is also an art form of traditional Japanese culture, which consists of “wabi” & “sabi” (austere beauty & elegant simplicity.) After completing the work, all work will disappear but the appreciation of the work.

Mr. Akira Ouchi, the Council-General of Japan in Karachi, in his speech stated that Japan is a land of unique mixture of traditional & modern culture & the beautiful natural landscapes, with four distinct seasons which has strong influence on the cultural diversity & the unique spirituality of Japan. Council-General Mr. Ouchi emphasised that through the “Bonseki” demo, he hoped the people in Karachi would appreciate the exquisite natural beauty & fascinating diversity of Japan.

It was also said that this kind of art is stress relief & meditative as well, such events can improve Pakistan Japan relations as well.

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