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Tell us a little about yourself?
IH: I started my career 3 years back at a very young age, where I had already planned on being a part of this industry. I introduced IH (IfrahHumayun) in Dubai, recently. What I am doing now is what I always wanted to do by being on a successful path- studying fashion from AIFD, working as a commercial wardrobe stylist, and running my own studio. There is a long way to go, but I am confident that I can and will pull through.

Dream, believe and yet there’s still a lot to achieve.

Your hobbies?
IH: Well! Art, music, and movies; which I have seriously been lacking on recently.

How did you come up with the idea of IfrahHumayun- the brand?
IH: My mother’s hard-work, support and love made my name ‘a brand’. I thoroughly believe that ideas only come up when decisions are made.  I decided that I wanted to study fashion, and have my own studio. And from there, I have worked towards achieving what I want. I started working, planned accordingly, and here is IH!

What’s the USP of your brand?
IH: Promote! IH is not only a brand but a house where prominent new comers with amazing skills of fashion, can bring up their designs and showcase them. The motto of this brand is to promote people, as well as to sell the best to my clients; where people can get quality and approach within their budget. I always make sure that my client drops in good reviews.


Tell us about your team, the people who are working with you and your brand?
IH: My mother and group of friends; few of them are currently studying media, and have tremendous show reels. They usually look after the studio, when a lot of things are piled up, which is a great help. These are the people who help me nurture my brand and make it easier to get the work done.

How do you manage both your professional and personal life?
IH: Value your time! I don’t take my work and personal life as a hectic. I have been managing this since long; watching my mother working so hard, and she gave all love and time to her children, which makes my life much easier and experienced. I try not to make my time exclusive for anything in life, I rather manage.

If not a designer then what?
IH: There’s no such thing as ‘then what’ for me. Got set goals, set plans! I think I’m just too indulged with what I am doing, can’t even give a second thought about it purposely.

The turning point of your life?
IH: A final decision, where I started accepting challenges and taking life more seriously. I remember giving up almost every other dream, to pursue where I am today! That’s when I realized, challenges aren’t easy and opportunities aren’t available with their values stamped on it.


Your biggest motivation?
IH: My Family! Whenever I achieve something there’s always another encouragement that I get. A smile, a hug, and a hope that I can do a lot better in life! This is what my biggest motivation is!

Who is your inspiration?
IH: My greatest inspiration is Yusuf Bashir Qureshi (YBQ) and Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY). People say that they started their career with merely a few thousands, but the respect they’ve got within few years is commendable. They’ve been dedicating their time and energy to our fashion industry since long now. They are the biggest names but they are the most humble ones, and the passion they have towards their work and design inspires me the most.

What if somebody wants to open a brand just like yours?What’s your advice?
IH: One should come up with bigger and better ideas I believe. If somebody’s actually willing to come up with a brand like mine, I’d just tell them to get up with creative ideas, to be someone who they are, and to make their own identity in market.

Any hurdles or problems you faced while launching your brand?
IH: Hurdles or problems? Most common words of our society! I’d say obstacles; People! Thinking about how I got where I am today, still makes me cringe. Introvert gossips, daily negative comments and whatnot. But here I am! Whole scenario was a spur. I love challenges and guess what? I overcame them!

What’s next afterIfrahHumayun brand?
IH: Surprises are way better; there are a lot of things in process. Hoping for the best!

Any tip you would like to give to our readers?
IH: Be yourself out there, never be afraid of any situation, work hard and don’t give up so easily on things and people you love. Learn to say NO! That’s where you’ll start achieving and doing better.


Rapid fire

Last place you visited?

Place you wish to visit?

Any hidden talents you have?
Not really

A skill you wish to master if you have time

What color you have the most in your wardrobe?

Who do you consider as a style icon?
Gigi hadid

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Night owl

Coffee or tea?

Funniest prank played on you or by you?
I remember watching American horror story with my friends and they scared the hell out of me while I was about to sleep, so better check if there’s a monster under your bed or not! It can be your friends too.

What do you carry when you travel?

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