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Cinemas striking back against home entertainment


With more option to stay home for their entertainment, what’s a movie theater owner will do to lure people out of their living rooms?

Instant streaming these days show how much people are happy watching from their homes on huge screens.

The new wave of  technologies – seats that move, laser projections, sensory experiences – will make lazing out on the sofa watching endless box sets seem less attractive.

To compete with entertainment that people can enjoy on their couches, the cinema industry is going crazy, thinking about better food and drink and more comfortable seat. Here some of the things they are working:

4D cinema


Giant screens and lazers


D-Box seats 


A proper sound sense, giant screen and lasers all these technologies may help moviegoers feel they are attending an event, not just watching a film, and the sliver screen should ensure to retain for some time to come.

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