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Dare to fall?

Do you have a wishlist? I am sure you do, everyone does. Even I do and every time I tick off an item, it makes me happier than the usual. Paragliding was on my to do things since a really long time and recently, of course, pre Covid, I got this wonderful opportunity of doing so. Back in Fethiye, one of a small town located in Antalya, a beautiful city with a lot of beaches and breathtaking views, a place you should definitely visit once in a lifetime. You can find all sorts of activities, from paragliding, skydiving, scuba diving. Literally everything!!


Well, at first, I was very scared, naturally, to jump off a hill, it isn’t an easy thing. It takes a lot of courage and guts to do so. With the constant motivation from my sister, we both managed to pull it off!! The view from 6550 ft sky high, one word BEAUTIFUL, gliding smoothly,  blue sky, sandy beaches and turquoise water on your flight. Heaven on Earth!!

It was a 45 minutes flight, peaceful and so soothing, it’s the experience and the break you’re looking for. Trust me, the adrenaline rush and the fall from the sky will be definitely worth it!!

If you ask me I am still not over it!! 


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