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Easy and Effective Home made toner for you!!

Are you looking for some organic and affordable beauty hacks? Why spend so many rupees on a high-end product when you can literally make something with few ingredients at home!

Now is the time to replace your store-bought toner with a homemade one, which will nourish your skin. Trust me tried and tested! `Your skin will feel super soft and moist right after seconds of applying it and you ‘ll definitely forget any other product you have ever used!

Here is what you need to do

  • Take 2/3 cups of a fresh cucumbe3r and chop it up into small pieces
  • Pour a cup of water into a pan
  • Add the cucumber
  • Heat the pan for about 8 minutes until it boils
  • Blend the cucumber and water
  • Let it cool, and then filter the juice out, using a sieve

it’s done!! Apply this toner onto your face with a cotton pad and see for yourself. Amazing results.

100% recommended!!

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