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Fawad Khan A Drunken Embarrassment !


Fawad Khan, famous for his royal appearance and well-mannered behavior got all the ladies drooling over the charming hunk. But things got unattractive when he got drunk on stardom at Manish Malhotra‘s party after walking the ramp flawlessly for the designer at the India Couture Week in Delhi.

Drunken Fawad showed his true side where he was screaming with excitement and joy. May be he was the only one who never got a chance to enjoy such after parties that he just lost it and got out of control. Other people at the party saw what drunken Fawad Khan truly is, nothing but an embarrassment.

Here’s what people at the party had to say about him.

“He was someone else, boisterous, uproarious forceful and humiliating. Fawad started to get noisy and his voice was heard from very far. His team tried to hold his energy down. Be that as it may, after a couple pegs he was on his way to humiliation of everybody who was there to this fashionable behavior.”

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