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Have you ever tried blocking Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook?


Some of you might have heard about it and some of you might have even tried it but it never worked. Some sources say that because Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO at Facebook, is the only one person you can not block, while other people think that it is some kind of a prank. The developers say that the reason behind is that, if a lot of people trying to block one person then this error generates;




Some of the developers say that it is designed to protect the voice of the people who has raised a campaign for a good cause, and people who are not happy with the campaign try to block the user. This is a general error which is same for everyone. It is generated due to too many users trying to block one user.

The question arises, why does anyone even want to block Mark Zuckerberg? Poor Mark, 30 Million followers and still many haters.

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