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Have you explored all the low budget famous food places in Karachi?

Everybody has visited Xanders, Aylanto, Espresso, Chatterbox, and all these high-class restaurants but let’s be honest, do you really go there for mouth-watering food or pictures? Don’t answer it, we know.

There are so many places in Karachi where you can try the best food and actually enjoy your meal in a very less budget for a handsome amount of quantity rather than spending thousands on a dish which looks like an appetizer. However, you might not be able to take good pictures at such restaurants but tell me honestly, does it even matter if at the end of the day you along with your stomach are satisfied and happy? I don’t think so.

I have been a foodie and let me tell you a crazy one. If I have dined-in at PF Changs then I have also dined in at Shah Biryani located at Khadda Market serving the best spicy biryani ever. I know Pakistan or let’s say Karachi is very famous for its biryani and a lot of places are now serving it. Though, I would always pick “Shah Biryani” whenever I want to opt for this dish. 10/10 recommended.


Craving for finger food? Please stop chasing chicken strips or mozzarella sticks from fancy places and try out the finger-licking Bun Kebabs at Burns Road. This is famous for years and no, this is not overrated at all because every bite of it is justified as it is full of taste and friendly in your pocket. People actually visit Karachi from different cities to try this Bun Kebab.


No guys! Soufflés and waffles are not always the best desserts one can eat. Yes, they’re tasty, nice, and very appealing but please try out Ice creams from Ice Berg at Saddar located in Karachi. They have all the flavors you can think of, it’s full of taste and ample amount of quantity. This place is very famous in Karachi for years now and people prefer keeping this in their dessert menu at weddings or any special occasion as well.


I hope this blog helps you find the best food for you especially at this time when almost all fancy places are closed for dine-in and you can actually go pay a visit to pick up these low budget and yummiest food on your way from work and enjoy your meal!

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