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Here comes the Slankets to Slay

Let me take a moment to say, OMG! This is the ultimate solution to my winter problems, well actually every girl’s problem. We love to slack in our blankies but, we got to do fashion as well. The Slanket – “the original blanket with sleeves” is the unique invention, made for us.  Either we can cozy up on the couch or make it a fierce fashion statement, here’s how.

Off-The-Shoulder Gown


Wrap the Slanket tight around your body and belt it in place. Roll up your sleeves a little and let the top drape down over your shoulders.

Two-Tiered Ball Skirt


Fold the Slanket down till the waist, wrapping the sleeeves behind and pinning it down. Drape it up with a long jacket to cover the extra bulk in the back.

High-Low Ball Skirt


Wear your Slanket on backwards and tie the sleeves in front of you, for a dramatic look.

Faux Fur Evening Coat 


Nothing beats this style, Wear your Slanket backwards over a fun party.

Open-Back Maxi 


Bring your sexy back by belting your Slanket so that front is smooth and edges creating ruffles down your back, below the waist.

Ultimate Evening Gown


Put you Slanket on backwards, fold the top down around your shoulders like a stole. Wrap the loose ends around your body with a belt and slay!

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