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Guess who are the highest paid Pakistani actors of 2016

Our industry is full of dashing, handsome and attractive people. Interestingly, our Pakistani actors are aiming and achieving high, their worth is definitely increasing with time.

Eager to know, who are in the list of highly paid actors? Lets see..

Fawad Khan:

fawad-khanHe is the highly paid actor, so far. Atleast he is being paid Rs 15 to Rs 30 million for a single ad. He is there in the Oyee Hoyee chips ads, Samsung ads and a has a recent big one in his list to add-pepsi.

Ali Zafar:


An amazing singer, actor, director and what’s left to know his worth. He charges Rs 8 million for a single ad, we had already seen him working for Jazz.

Atif Aslam:

atif-aslamThe most famed singer has gained popularity by his vocals. He is earning about Rs 8 million for a single ad. He has done Samsung Galaxy ads.

Hamza Ali Abbasi:

hamza-aliPakistan’s most famous artist, and model hasa classy look and his fans fall for his drool-worthy looks on T.V. He surely charges about Rs 4 to Rs 5 million for a single ad.

Fahad Mustafa


Fahad Mustufa the handsome man, according to our sources he is charging about 7 million per ad.

How can we forget our outstanding ladies in Pakistani Industry. They are also living on the sky.

Mahira Khan:

mahira-khanThe gorgeous and glamour lady is flying high. She costs about Rs 13 million s for a single ad. We all have seen her Samsung and Q-mobile ads.

Mehwish Hayat:

mehwish-hayatThe shining star Mehwish has a class! She charges about Rs 4 million for a single ad.

Mawra Hocane:

mawra-hocane Her value increased more when she performed with Bollywood stars. She costs about Rs 2.5 million for a single ad. She was there in the Sunsilk ad!

Armina Rana:


The green eyed gorgeous lady, as per our sources she charged in her last commercial over 3 million.

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