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I think, this Evidence is enough to prove you being an agent!


Just few days ago TIME Magazine updated the results of “TIME person of the year reader’s poll”, what is shocking is to see Malala Yousufzai getting the second highest rank with 5.3% of the votes. The first one on the list is Bernie Sanders with 10.3% of the votes, while Barak Obama got the fourth position with 3.5% of the votes. How is this possible? Their popes, famous leaders and personalities are not getting votes but Malala is. This leaves a person puzzled. What is the reason behind Malalas popularity? Is this some kind of strategy? As that’s definitely not a co- incidence.

Barak Obama who is the most popular person as he is the current president of the United States got the fourth position? How come?

Mark Zukerberg got the 22nd position, the person who invented Facebook. Is he not capable enough?


poll 2

poll 3

poll 4

poll 5

How come Malala got the 2nd position? Is she an agent? Seeing Malala on the top is a big question mark?

The voting will end on December 4th at 11:59pm and the winner will be announced on December 7th.

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