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Imran Abbas disclose missing from ADHM

Imran Abbas discloses missing scenes from ADHM

After the Kashmir issue controversy increased in India and Pakistan, Pakistani actors were firmly banned in India. Karan Johar’s movie Ay Dil Hai Mushkil also became a victim of such aggression after the Uri Attack.

The chances had increased that Pakistani actor Fawad Khan’s part would be cut off, but nothing happened like that.

Interestingly, the Pakistani actor Imran Abbas who played Anushka’s boy friend, Dr. Fazal in the movie stated on Facebook that he is not sure if his scenes would be included in the film or not.


After the film was released he posted, stating that three of his scenes in the movie were trimmed off.


He prepared a lot for sure..

While, Imran stayed confident on his leftover parts, and also compelled the audience to watch the movie.

This confirms that Pakistani actors have loss their place in Bollywood.

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