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Incredible Celebrity Transformations!

We’ve all had to struggle with weight at some point in life.. or maybe multiple times in life. Famous people are no different. They are constantly in the spotlight and a little fluctuation in weight is plastered all over tabloids! Here’s a list of celebrities who happen to have found the exact formula to steering clear of those extra pounds!

Christina Aguilera

Leading our little list on no.1 is Christina Aguilera. Dropping 50 lbs has really done wonders for her petite frame making her look fit and oh so fine at 35 years old.

Remember when she had put on some weight, how the media was body shaming her? a year later when she lost it all it was all Aguilera all around…. Figures.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl performance was definitely one we cannot forget that easily. infamous is an understatement.

She decided after that incident that a few changes had to be made. She has at present lost 60+ lbs and aims to get improve her health further.

John Goodman

John Goodman’s weight loss story is not a quick and snappy one, however he has overcome his habit of being a problem eater and definitely looks amazing now

No more eating all crap anymore for Mr. Goodman!


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